About psychotherapy and counselling

Psychotherapy helps people develop healthier, more effective habits and live happier and more fulfilled lives.
Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment which is grounded in the relationship between an individual and their therapist. Psychotherapy provides a supportive and safe environment where it is possible to talk openly and freely.


We will work together to identify, understand and change the thought and behaviour patterns that are keeping you from being the happiest and healthiest that you can be. I will work hard to help you to understand, manage and overcome the problem that has brought you to therapy, and often other problems in your life too. You will develop new skills which will help you to meet future challenges in your life with more confidence and strength.


Psychotherapy can help with many of areas of suffering and difficulty such as:

abuse, anger, anxiety, behavioural problems, bereavement & grief, bullying, confidence,  self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, family relationships, loss, OCD, panic attacks, parenting, post-natal, relationships, sex and sexuality, stress, illness, self-harm, trauma.
Sessions last for 50 minutes and are usually weekly on the same day and at the same time.  Work can be short-term or long-term, depending on need.

Did you know?

Psychotherapy is collaborative, it is not like a medical treatment which is prescribed for you. Your contribution to the process is, at the very least, of equal importance.